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Awk is an interpreted scripting language used for text manipulation. It is available by default in most linux and unix distributions.

awk command line

Awk divides the input file into records and each record is divide into fields.

The awk command is as follows

> awk '<the script to run in quotes>' input_file

Here is a hands on tutorial on docker bridge networks. Feel free to install docker and follow along

Show all the docker networks

docker network ls

This command will list all the docker networks currently running on the host machine. The list would include the driver and the scope of the docker networks.

Creating a custom network in docker

Lets first…

Typically in computer programs, an enum is used to represent a field having different values. For instance, while representing a set of athletes, the field stating the sport played would have the value represent by an enum.

Athlete’s years in career

However, enums label the elements in serial order.


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